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One email and password to access all Axa Zara services.

Keeping control

Check or update important information such as your name, password and security details. Check your payment information and manage the devices connected to your account.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are built in. With features such as two-factor authentication, Axa Zara protects your account and your privacy and keeps you in control of your information.

Personalized experience

With your account, enjoy a personalized experience with Axa Zara products and services and benefit from exclusive offers and access.

Synchronized information

When you update your Axa Zara account information, it is updated in all the services you use - so you do not need to update your account information in each separate service.

Frequente asked questions
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What is an Axa Zara account?

An Axa Zara account is a personal account that you use to access Axa Zara services such as Moneroo, Zeyow, Crilix, and more. It contains the information you use to log in as well as the contact, payment and security information you will use on Axa Zara services.

How many accounts do I need?

Only one. Use the same Axa Zara account wherever you log in to access an Axa Zara service.

Can I share my account with another person?

You should not share your Axa Zara account access with anyone else. It gives access to your personal information, including your payment data and more. By sharing your Axa Zara account information with someone else, you are giving them access to all of your personal information and you risk creating confusion as to who the real owner of the account is.

How can I ensure the security of my account?

Security and privacy is something we take very seriously at Axa Zara. That's why we offer many ways to secure your Axa Zara account credentials and protect your privacy, such as strong passwords, two-factor identification and more.

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